Thursday, July 26, 2012

Is Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd. Fake ? No Its Genuine

Corporate Infocom Pvt. Ltd. which is also known Corporate Society is gaining so much popularity amongst the Indian market. Higher and higher amount of people are joining every day through it.

But as we all known everything in the world gets two kinds of response. Positive as well as negative too. Few people who haven't earned through Corporate or we can say who haven't worked truly create  wrong rumors against Corporate Society. The main doubt which comes under the mind of anybody before anything is.

"Corporate Society is Fraud or Fake"

A big "LOLL" for those people who thinks or tell any other person like this. Before expressing my points on this matter I must suggest those people to go and have Bournvita with Full Glass, at daily morning as well as evening too. As these kiddish kind of things can express their immaturity. So, grow up dude, grow up.

Now, you would be thinking how Corporate Soceity is legal. Here are few points which can prove how  Corporate Society performs their work properly under the law :

1. ROC Certificate of CS

As you all know Corporate Society is an Indian company. So like every Indian company it should also be registered under the Companies as 1956 (Article No. 1). After registering any company under this act Government allows that company to establish and run their business legally. As a proof of registration a certificate gets issued towards the particular company which is known as "Form - 1 Certificate of Incorporation" which has been authorized by Registrar of Companies or ROC.

Above is the legal certificate of Incorporation which has been issued by Government of India. May be few criticizers would be facing the problem of One Eye Cataract after viewing this. So, please let me write the necessary information of this Certificate.

According to the certificate :
<a> Corporate Infocom Private Limited has been incorporated under the Companies Act 1956 (No. 1 of 1956) and the company is private limited.

<b> Corporate Identity Number or CIN of Corporate Infocom Private Limited is U72300DL2007PTC1559.

<c> The company has been registered at Delhi on 18th December, 2007 under the hand of honorable Registrar of Companies Mr. Mahesh Chandra Saxena., NCTDH.

2. MCA Approval

If you have registered any Company. Then the name of company get unavailable by Government. After that any other company can't get issued on that particular name. All the listed companies and their status are open to see on the Official Government Website which is is the official website of Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

Follow this URL and search Corporate Infocom in the name field to get the verified name of Corporate Infocom Private Limited.

Above is the screenshot of official website of Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India. It contains the name of Corporate Infocom Private Limited under its list. It also includes the LLPIN or CIN / Ref. No. with it. You can also match the CIN No. with the ROC Certificate which has been mentioned above. The place as well as the date of the registration with status has also been written in the list.

After viewing all the above proofs a common person who is having a mind can understand that every company which has been approved by Government and registers under the constitution can't be a fake or fraud company. So, hence proved Corporate Society is totally legal as well as genuine Company.

But still, there are few people who actually don't want to understand all these things. They just denote it as a scam.They love to Interrupt in others work and create wrong rumors to create the hurdles in the way of those hard working people who want to do something in their life. Three words for those kind of people :



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  3. To Whom so ever it may Concern
    who ever can take an action on this.

    My brother Jasty Sanjay Teja(Hyderabad) has joined this firm/company(Corporate Infocom Pvt Ltd). Now

    he has left the house stating that he can live by himself, not interested in studies and can earn

    for himself. He does not even treat family members atleast like human beings after joining this

    firm(CIPL) he always has to attend seminar or get/convince people to join the company. Never spends

    time with family
    he has only cleared/passed only one paper in his 1st year engeneering.

    request you to look into the issue, and do the needful.

    Phani Teja


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  6. this URL is getting nothing like " your session is expired , Then how come know that screen shot is fake or original...

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